Schedule Your Collections with the Transportation App Your how-to guide for navigating the brand-new Transportation App.

Booking your Collections.

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For bikes that cost more than 4,000.


. A confirmation screen will appear. Watch our How It Works video now.

All vehicle collections must be scheduled via our Transportation App.

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Cancelling or Rescheduling an Appointment If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment once it has been booked, head to the Appointments page. Enhanced.

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If you are not able to make your. .

. Watch our How It Works video now.

You will be able to tick multiple boxes.
Copart Transportation by Copart, Inc.

Copart Transportation App.


Check the Lot information is correct and select Schedule Appointment. Accept Our Offer & Schedule an Appointment; We Pick Up Your Car & You Get Paid. That&39;s it.

Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner and select Reschedule. Copart has a monopoly on used vehicles it is not uncommon for drivers to wait HOURS to pick up vehicles even WITH an appointment Most lots are not clearly marked where driverstransporters need to be. Once you've paid in full, you can schedule a pickup through the Copart. Book your appointment at a Copart Lounge near you to get help with buying cars from Copart auto auction in USA and shipping to your country. com. During.

Co-host a client call with a colleague, email reminders and follow-ups, and integrate everything with your preferred software tools.

. Copart Direct Buys Cars Nearby.


Copart Transportation App.

Contact Copart Direct to Request an Offer.

Select the appointment you wish to change and click the arrow on the right to take you through to the appointment details page.